Dr. Kearney Visser specializes in treating children, adolescents and their families and tackles a multitude of challenges including behavioral issues, anxiety, depression, developmental delays, eating disorders, self-esteem and many more at her private practice on the Westside. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Kearney Visser brings her expertise to her clients in a warm and welcoming environment, meeting the needs of each unique client through myriad methods including cognitive behavioral methods, play therapy, as well as music and art therapy.

In addition to treating the child, Dr. Kearney Visser realizes the importance of including the families and does so in family sessions, which facilitate the parents’ ability to support their children during the therapy process.

From adolescents and teens who are overwhelmed by today’s societal pressures to succeed at all cost, to get the best grades, write the best essay, be accepted into the best university, to young children who are beginning to learn appropriate behaviors, Dr. Kearney Visser successfully hones in on the needs of each client and provides the child as well as the family with the tools needed to deal with the challenges they are experiencing.

Dr. Kearney also welcomes boys into her practice, respecting and embracing their unique needs for movement and activity and overall differences.

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